Beech Street CSA

a hyper-local approach to supporting regional farmers, and neighborhood makers and producers.

Our Vendors + How it works

Ben Cutler

CSA Coordinator

Our egg farmer is Annie's Eggs from Tillamook, Oregon

The beekeeper is Ron from T Bee S Honey from Sherwood, Oregon

Our coffee roaster is James of Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters from Madison South Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

Body butters by Kris of Bloom Balms - Rose City Park Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

Firebrew is prepared by Valerie Roth of Mind Your Manna - Madison South Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

We operate like a neighborhood buying club.

Here's how it works:

   1. You order and pay

   2. We order from the farmer/maker and bring in exactly what you purchase

   3. On Friday or Saturday, you pick-up the items you ordered at our front porch

We're neighborhood focused, so if you are coming from outside the Rocky Butte area of NE Portland, this may not be the best option for you.

Ordering deadlines:

Coffee - Wednesday by 8am

Eggs, Honey, FireBrew, Body Butter - Thursday by 7pm

The store is closed for maintenance

Our Story

Our CSA began when we heard about a local egg farmer who needed a new destination for all of their eggs. Covid-19 had shut down many restaurants and so had no need for their eggs. We were tipped off to their story through one of our local food connections. Being proponents of buying local and supporting regional food systems, naturally we had to help. 

We've since added other items produced regionally and by people in our immediate neighborhoods 



8604 NE Beech St, Unit A

CSA Hours